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Headquartered in Houston, KGen Power sold power and related products to wholesale purchasers, such as retail electric providers, power marketers, municipal utilities, electric power cooperatives and other power generation companies. KGen's portfolio has been completely divested under a plan of liquidation, with all available proceeds being returned to shareholders.

KGen power Liquidating Trust - Recent News


January 25, 20172016 Summary Tax Information 
December 16, 2016KPLT Annual Report 
July 8, 2016Notice Concerning Final Distribution 
June 8, 2016 Notice Concerning Final Distribution
April 30, 2016KPLT Annual Report ended December 31, 2015
April 18, 2016 KGen Power Liquidating Trust 2015 Summary Tax Information 
April 30, 2015 KPLT Annual Report ended December 31, 2014 
March 23, 2015KGen Power Liquidating Trust 2014 Summary Tax Information
January 31, 2015KGen Power 2014 Tax Information Regarding the Final Liquidating Distribution